Milí zákazníci, poptávka po naší službě se díky mimořádné situaci dramaticky zvyšuje. Abychom mohli obsloužit ještě více lidí, kteří nás teď potřebují, omezujeme maximální počet položek v nákupu na 45. Dál děláme vše pro to, abychom ještě více navýšili naši kapacitu. Všechny vás moc prosíme o trpělivost a shovívavost. Děkujeme Vám.

Terms and conditions of the Rohlíček club

Free delivery

Free delivery is valid from Sunday to Thursday with delivery between 10:00 - 16:00 (does not apply to express delivery and delivery within a 15 minute window).

Bonus for an order

You gain 100 credits for a purchase order at in the minimum amount of order of CZK 2,000. Credits in the form of the code are delivered to the e-mail following the order delivery. The code shall be applied at the website within 14 days from delivery. The validity of credits always is 14 days from the application and they can be applied to the whole assortment at

Rohlíček loyalty program

Free delivery is valid from Sunday to Thursday with delivery between 10:00 - 16:00 (does not apply to express delivery and delivery within a 15 minute window).

The program enables its members to get rewards from partner entities in a specified manner and under specified conditions.

The Company reserves the right to change and adjust the rules of the loyalty program and the amount and form of all bonuses related to it any time. The company reserves the right to terminate the program even without giving a reason. Participants will be informed of such an adjustment or change of the program rules at the address

I. Program membership

1. The program membership is completely voluntary and free of charge. The loyalty program can also be used by wholesale customers or others, provided that the purchase of goods is intended directly for their personal consumption (i.e. it does not apply to business orders – i.e. “Business order” is not checked in the order). If a wholesale customer and/or the entrepreneur requests an additional invoice issue for the ordered goods, the points credited for the respective order will be automatically deducted after the invoice is issued.

2. A person meeting all conditions below may become a program member:

  • a. a natural person, who is either an expectant parent or an existing parent with a child aged to 12; and
  • b. a natural person meeting the condition, that he/she has registered for the Rohlíček customer club

3. By his/her registration the member confirms the fact that he/she has become acquainted with these rules, agrees with them and undertakes to comply with them.

4. The membership in the Program is automatically terminated if the member ceases to meet the conditions for membership in the Program.

5. Members are not obliged to use all benefits resulting from their Program membership.

II. Acquiring points for order

1. 1 Rohlíček point = CZK 100 spent at or  Benu Pharmacy Praha or Benu Pharmacy Brno.

2. Points are credited to a club member always after the order delivery.

3. The first order delivered after the club login from 9 September 2019 is valid.

4. Points are credited to the customer account, under which the order has been created. Transfer of points to another account is not possible. The order process shall be made under your own login details in order points are added up in your account.

5. In exceptional cases, the achieved benefits can be transferred to another account of the same member by sending a request to the email It is in particular the case of e-mail change.

6. The total number of points is credited to the value of actually purchased goods in the shopping cart. Following items are removed from the total credited amount in the form of points:

  • a. delivery price
  • b. courier tip
  • c. fines
  • d. return packages
  • e. gift certificates
  • f. credits

7. A club member may display the total number of points on his account in the personal profile

8. The operator reserves the right not to credit points to the point account or deduct them from the point account, if:

  • – they have been acquired contradictory to these rules
  • – have been obtained in violation of good morals (especially if they are not covered by the purchase, or in case of misuse of the points account by a person other than the one registered)
  • – have been obtained by mistake, through a technical error of the system or for a cancelled order

III. Expiration of points

1. Points on a customer account expire on the last day of a calendar month after 12 months pass.

2. A club member is advised on points expiration via e-mail.

IV. Cancelling the Rohlíček club membership

1. If a program member cancels his club membership, he automatically loses his entitlement to all points credited to his account.

2. If a program member becomes a club member again he will not be entitled to those previously acquired points

V. Drawing rewards

  • a. After having collected a sufficient number of points to get a reward a club member may choose his reward from the offer:
    • i. The reward is sent electronically: in the form of code
    • ii. The reward is sent to the address indicated in the profile
  • b. The reward will be delivered in a chosen manner and at the time specified on the basis of a particular specification in the reward detail on the website
  • c. After a club member chooses his reward, points corresponding to the amount of the chosen reward are automatically deducted from his account.
  • d. Number of rewards per a club member is not limited in any way.

The program rules come into effect on 9 September 2019