Doprava zdarma, garance závozu do 5 hodin od objednání, slevy a exkluzivní produkty jen pro členy.Doprava zdarma, garance závozu do 5 hodin od objednání
4x měsíčně nákup bez minimální výše objednávky
15 % sleva na produkty značky BEZ KOMPROMISU
Exkluzivní produkty jen pro členy

Does it seem impossible to taste the specialties from the French regions in a few clicks? With the Itinéraire des Saveurs – brand which is a true French heritage and which is exclusively available at Rohlik, the dream will become a reality. You will now find more than XX products made according to traditional recipes - from traditional sausages from Lyon through roquefort from the Aveyron region to Breton pâté with cider brandy. A large number of products have European-recognised certifications such as Label Rouge, PDO or PGI, which guarantee traditional origin and high quality. And we want to tell you that you don't have to spend a fortune on all this - these are top products at a great price

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On the road through northern France