• Milí zákazníci, dnes se koná L'ETAPE CZECH REPUBLIC BY TOUR DE FRANCE 2024. Kvůli dopravním omezením může dojít ke zpoždění při doručování Vašich objednávek, mrzí nás to.
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Doprava zdarma, garance závozu do 5 hodin od objednání, slevy a exkluzivní produkty jen pro členy.Doprava zdarma, garance závozu do 5 hodin od objednání
4x měsíčně nákup bez minimální výše objednávky
15 % sleva na produkty značky BEZ KOMPROMISU
Exkluzivní produkty jen pro členy
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At Rohlik/ Sezamo/ Knuspr/ Gurkerl we believe everyone should enjoy great products in best prices. This is why we are constantly developing our own brands. Our mission is to help you fullfill your essentails shopping list without creating a dent in your wallet.

Did you know that all of our brands have a tick next to their name? this is how you can easily identify our Value for Money labels.

Each of our labels and products were developed with great design in heart, sustainability in mind and curated quality.

Let us introduce you to brands developed by Rholik/Knuspr to help you save your family budget.

Miil is more than just a dairy brand. You can find variety of tasty products you can enjoy everyday. Try our full in taste milk with higher fat content. Miil milk is non-standardised, which means it is creamier and tastier than a standard one. Pick our Mozzarella and enjoy it`s freshness. Looking for more additions to your sandwiches? Reach for Gouda sliced cheese crafted with attention to details.