Doprava zdarma, garance závozu do 5 hodin od objednání, slevy a exkluzivní produkty jen pro členy.Doprava zdarma, garance závozu do 5 hodin od objednání
4x měsíčně nákup bez minimální výše objednávky
15 % sleva na produkty značky BEZ KOMPROMISU
Exkluzivní produkty jen pro členy

Being a parent is not easy, and those who have never been in your shoes will never understand. But at the same time, it's the most wonderful feeling to be with your child...and most importantly, to have time for them and yourself.

Because we're all about making you happy, we've put together - we call it - Rohlik Powers - powers to help you manage what you're already doing even better - whether it's the great service we're constantly trying to improve for you, or the great assortment that includes the big brands you know & the best local products from your city, but also our Baby Club with its many discounts and benefits, and more. Simply put - with us, you'll find everything you need for your little one - and for you too - all in one place and delivered to your doorstep. 

So let's do it – baby, I've got the power!


We're kicking off our celebration of parents and kids with bombastic discounts! Why? Because we want to see you being happy 24/7.